Emprise Group — 5 August 2021
Real people, on real adventures drives the direction for Camper Trailer Australia.

Camper Trailer Australia (Camper) today announced that the award winning publication will move to a digital first content strategy supported by quarterly print execution. 

Adventures Group Holdings (Adventures), the publisher of Camper announced the changes to the strategy today as part of a refocusing of the whole business as a content first marketing agency. 

“The camper trailer market, and the camping market in general, has been shifting its marketing and consumption habits online over the past decade.” Emprise Group CEO, Rob Gallagher said today. 

“The decision to align the Camper brand to support that direction, in hindsight is obvious, but any decision to change the frequency of a publication seems to signal the end rather than the beginning of a new journey, which is what the changes to Camper represent.”

The investment from the Emprise Group in its digital future has been significant and the Camper Trailer website and the companion CamperX app will become key pillars in delivering growth. From July, Camper and the other Adventure’s brands will move to a digital first publishing strategy un-restricted by the monthly print cycles and aligned to the business and market needs. 

AGH Creative Director, Tim van Duyl added,  “This digital focus will ensure the authentic reviews, the real adventures and the inspiring content that is the cornerstone of our business will be amplified across our print and digital channels to maximise their reach, not just to service a publication deadline.  

"Our ability to produce exceptional content is demonstrated as much in the quality of our on-line video reviews and product content executions as it is in a print publication. The paradigm shift to digital first aligns with our broader strategy to help shape the markets we operate in for many years to come." 

The authentic and respected content delivered by the AGH team is a vital ingredient in establishing the Camper brand and will continue to be a cornerstone of our content events, including Camper Trailer of the Year, and Outback Pub Experience later this year and will be led by the Camper Editor-at-Large, Glenn Marshall.  

Marshall commented, “I am very excited with this move for Camper as the content will reach a broader audience encouraging more Australians to explore our amazing country with their camper.” 

“The addition of our digital first presence will enhance our readers' experience while the quarterly print magazines will allow us to showcase the industry on another level."

The Camper print publication will move to a quarterly schedule supplemented by a number of one-shots, including the ‘all-new’ Camper Trailer Yearbook to be released in January 2022.




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